Development of Linguistic Provisions of the Constitution of India

First published in Centre Right India. “There was no article which proved more controversial than article 115 (which deals with the Hindi question). No Article produced more opposition. No article more heat” – Thoughts on Linguistic States, B. R. Ambedkar Recently a circular was issued by the Raj Bhasha Department of the Ministry of Home […]

Modi and Kerala

Modi recently visited Kazargod in Kerala and loudly proclaimed in his rally that Kerala has become a nursery for budding terrorists. Some in facebook took exception to this comment and posted in facebook that Modi is trying to indulge in fear mongering in Kerala since he know he has no substantial voter base here.  I […]

Thoughts on ” Indian Summer: The Secret History of the End of an Empire “

“IN THE BEGINNING, THERE WERE TWO NATIONS. ONE WAS A vast, mighty and magnificent empire, brilliantly organized and culturally unified, which dominated a massive swath of the earth. The other was an undeveloped, semi-feudal realm, riven by religious factionalism and barely able to feed its illiterate, diseased and stinking masses. The first nation was India. […]

Look Into The Mirror To See Misogyny

First Published in Centre Right India  – Misogyny in Indian Politics The fiery Prime Minister of Australia, Julia Gillard, in a spout of indignation hit back at her Opposition Leader Tony Abbott who had called for the sacking of one of her party members over a sexist row, “I will not be lectured on sexism […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – 6

Source – World Religion Watch 6.       Chance for Indian Muslims  “It is only a small population of extremist Muslims who are perpetrating terrorism. They do not represent me. Why do you blame my beliefs and my religion in the garb of accusing terrorists?” a friend said in a casual debate. These are the views echoed […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – 5

Members of Islamic organisations holding a protest against the film “Innocence of Muslims” on Anna Salai in Chennai – The Hindu  5.       Protests against “Innocence of Muslims” in India.  This is a current issue which has brought to fore front questions of censorship and limits of freedom of speech. After having seen the unremarkable piece […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – 4

Image Courtesy – Reporters 365 4.       Increased radicalisation of Muslim youth A few incidents –                     i.     Muthi-ur-Rahman Siddiqui (26), a Crime Reporter from Mid-Day;  Shoaib Ahmed Mirza alias Chhotu (25) , an MCA student; Abdullah alias Abdul Hakim Jamadar (25),  a junior engineer at Airborne Early Warning and Control System, a DRDO division.  Ejaz […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – 3

Image Source – Niti Central  3. Ghaziabad Riots  Background If there can be a more mundane reason for riots kindly inform me, for I will be even more greatly amused than you are going to be after you learn about this particularly nasty piece of handiwork by some merchants of death, for the lack of […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – 2 – Assam Riots

A child of a violence victim cries at a relief camp. Source : The Hindu That on July 4th two Muslims leaders of All Bodoland Minority Students’ Union and the All Assam Minority Students’ Union were killed and in retaliation, 4 former members of Bodoland Liberation Tigers (BLT) were murdered leading to one of the […]

The Muslim Leadership In India – The Ultimate Sham – Part 1

After a really long time, on a good weekend, finally I reached the fabled Usman Road and Ranganathan Street in T. Nagar. The place was nothing short of a concentration camp (may be a tad too exaggerative). The path leading from the sub-urban railway station to the main road was a suffocating journey. I needn’t […]