Development of Linguistic Provisions of the Constitution of India

First published in Centre Right India. “There was no article which proved more controversial than article 115 (which deals with the Hindi question). No Article produced more opposition. No article more heat” – Thoughts on Linguistic States, B. R. Ambedkar Recently a circular was issued by the Raj Bhasha Department of the Ministry of Home […]

Modi and Kerala

Modi recently visited Kazargod in Kerala and loudly proclaimed in his rally that Kerala has become a nursery for budding terrorists. Some in facebook took exception to this comment and posted in facebook that Modi is trying to indulge in fear mongering in Kerala since he know he has no substantial voter base here.  I […]

How Car Owners Became Pedestrians

Picture Courtesy – There was a narrow street in between two rows of houses. It was the only road which connected the houses to the outside world. All kind of people travelled in it – the one with the big cars; the one with the small cars, the ones having two wheelers; the ones […]