I had started a blog Bollywood Bloomsbury and Me * trying hard not to cringe * when I was in my final year. It was in a Blogger platform and I wrote whatever came into mind, albeit very very less. Then I switched the title to Let the Sleeping Dragons Lie, an ode to Hogwarts’ Draco Dormiens Nunquam Tittilandus. I shifted to platform to the more elegant WordPress, with the same title. That was when I started blogging more – fresh from the injuries piled upon me by the UPSC exams and deeply enthralled by the possibility of a Modi government at the centre. I even wrote for other Centre Right blogs in those years (2012-2014). After various downs and downs in life, and moving around the country, somewhere I had forgotten my books and my penchant for enjoying sublime art – be it eclectic music, beautiful metaphors, or soulful paintings.

2017 has been a revelation for me. And it all began with this, a beautiful artwork from Japan and a couple of days later I started reading upon the Japanese philosophy of Wabi Sabi – the art of acceptance of imperfection, of impermanence. I have since then read a good deal on this and more. I realised having a grand name for a blog is not really required. I took a journey up the memory lane.

As a student, I used to have separate note books for different subjects taught at school. And I had one book, called rough book where I jotted down all random things. I decided to use my blog as sort of a digital rough book, where I can be free, and not bothered about any audience building or praise garnering. I was just going to be me.


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