Twelve Dancing Princess, Hawaa Hawaa and Taraf De Haidouks


Here I was, minding my business, reading some random nonsense, adoring some Oviya memes, and I heard this Hawa Hawa song. One of the more brilliant songs in Rockstar, part of the charm is that the song tells a tale. Such songs which has some story are some of my favourites, including BoneyM’s Rasputin. Hawa Hawa has adapted the Grimm Brothers’ 12 Dancing Princess where the queen does to the Dhozak* every night and dances like wind. So I read this blog and came to know that even the music is in a very east European genre. Smitten, I checked out some videos and stumbled upon Tara De Haidouks Turcească. I mean, pure magic. I have never heard such a powerful stream of music before. More on this later. (?)


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