If Gods Had A Shape

If Gods had a shape, the chance that they will resemble humans is almost nil.

Why this sudden realisation you may ask? I am reading Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens. This particular quote drew my attention –


This would have brought about an unprecedented transformation in human capabilities and lifestyles. Every other mammal that went to sea – seals, sea cows, dolphins – had to evolve for aeons to develop specialised organs and a hydrodynamic body. The Sapiens in Indonesia, descendants of apes who lived on the African savannah, became Pacific seafarers without growing flippers and without having to wait for their noses to migrate to the top of their heads as whales did.

There is little chance that the Gods inhabit the same ecosystem as us humans. Therefore, it can be more or less confirmed that they either do not require to evolve, or have evolved in a way very different from us humans. It therefore appears that either the myths about Gods are just that – myths or Gods are ancient aliens that ancient humans encountered. I would rather it be the former than the latter.


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