It has been a while since I have written anything in the platform. The last time I wrote here was a little more than a year ago, and frankly, it cannot be considered as a blog of any sort. I decided to key in my thoughts because of the most natural instinct I am prone to – impulse and procrastination.

Off late I have noticed that one of my defining characteristics has been impulsivity – doing things on a whim. Most of them have resulted in not much damage, and some, I dare say, have been the cause of joy. But as such, I have started growing weary of this impulsive side. It has not resulted in anything tangible. Of course, this raises a philosophical question – do the things you do, need to really result in anything tangible? If so, who set the rules that it is to be in that way. I do not have any answer.

Wait. Do not assume that this blog has a particular structure, a core idea around which this piece of article revolves. There is nothing of such sort. I wanted to say that these are turbulent times. But that would be too cliched. Also that would be false. Because these are the lesser turbulent times considering what lies ahead of me. I am relatively peaceful now. Mainly because of the Delhi winters – best thing about this phase of my life (other than my parents of course).

Sometimes I believe I do not deserve these physical comforts that I am enjoying at the moment. The kind of lethargy, flawed planning, procrastination, and disregard to the realities of life, that I have been displaying, consistently for the past 6.5 years, has made me a very different person. On one hand I tend to believe that I am born to do something great. Something of significance. Something that will alter the humanity. On another hand I am subjecting myself on a day to day basis to the mundanities of my middle class life.

Talking about Middle Class, I came to know that in India, the Rich feel like the Middle Class and the Middle Class feel like the poor and the poor feel like the poor.

With that calming thought that I might be rich and only because of that I feel middle class I end this pointless pointless blog.




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