Resolutions 2015. A rehash.

  1. Become knowledgeable in India’s foreign policy and World Politics. –
  • Read the books by Rajeev Sikri (1), David Maloney (1), Muchkund Dubey(1), Andrew Heywood(3) and Ashok Kapur (3).
  1. Make 30 Day Projects and stick to it. ( 30 Day Project is the most wonderful thing that I decided to implement, even though at the far end of the year.)
  • Learn 5 words per day.
  • Complete German Pimsleur 1 2 and 3.
  1. Write 1 good informative article per month.
  • Write at least 2 blogs posts per month in addition to the above mentioned informative article. A Quiz and a Story/Thoughts may be(?)
  1. Maintain a personal journal and make sure to write an entry even if it’s the most uneventful day.
  2. Finish at least 50 books and not 50% of the reading list. 37 of these books should be non-fictions.
  1. History of South India – K A Nilakanta Sastri
  2. History and Culture of Tamil Nadu Vol. 1 Chithra Madhavan
  • History and Culture of Tamil Nadu (Volume -2) (c. 1310, c. 1885 AD) Chithra Madhavan
  1. Social History of the Tamils P. Subramanian
  2. The Political Structure of Early Medieval South India Kesavan Veluthat
  3. The Early Medieval in South India Kesavan Veluthat
  • Trading World Of The Tamol Merchant ; Evolution Of Merchant Capitalism In The Coromandel – Kanakalatha Mukund
  • The View From Below – Kanakalatha Mukund
  1. If possible read Indian Philosophy Vol 1 and 2 – by Dr. S. Radhakrishnan

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