Personal Thoughts

2014 So Far

Four months seems to have done a Bolt. I am finding myself receiving sever sweltering May at my door step, waiting eagerly to start where we stopped last year. Since 2012, May has been exam month for me, when, in the mercurial Chennai summer, UPSC aspirants will be busy revising every bit of information so that we do not become a footnote in the palimpsests of history (to borrow from Orwell).

Interesting developments have happened as the first trimester of year comes to an end. I exercised my duties as a responsible Indian citizen and voted. I will be an uncle in July, the month of my birth. I consider this to be a rebirth of sorts, when I become a grown-up, responsible for the next generation. Moreover, I join the great working middle class of India. I must say that I have ambivalent thoughts about this. I asked one of my senior and wiser friends about this, about how pointless the days are, how mundane the passage of time seems while one waits for life to begin. He offered a striking perspective saying that whatever happens while we wait for life to begin is, in fact, life or something to this effect. I agreed to take up the job.

As to my goals, it is better not to discuss as to how consistent I have been with regards to their accomplishment. None the less, for naming and shaming me, I do a brief review.

1. Clear IAS Exams.

We got time, remains to be seen. So far, preparation has not been up to the mark.

2. Become diligent and go that extra mile. **

I was diligent in November 2013. Went the extra mile in November 2013. Which means, I failed.

3. Become knowledgeable in India’s foreign policy and World Politics.

Uh uh, no.

4. Learn 1825 new words in English, 5 words per day for 365 days.


5. Master English grammar.

I made a lot of errors. Does that count as part of the learning process?

6. Learn German thoroughly.

Check #4.

7. Make 30 Day Projects and stick to it. ( 30 Day Project is the most wonderful thing that I decided to implement, even though at the far end of the year.)

Check #4

8. Write 50 scholarly articles.

Did not even write one.

9. Write at least 4 blog posts per month.

I have written only 3 blog posts, excluding this one, instead of the supposed 16 articles.

10. Maintain a personal journal and make sure to write an entry even if it’s the most uneventful day.

Did not.

11. Finish at least 50% of the reading list.

Ah, okay some success. I have finished Murakami books – Norwegian Wood, Hear The Wind Sing and Pinball 1973. Also on the verge of getting completed is Guns Germs and Steel, also started reading Granville Austin. Did something right!

12. Restart singing classes.

I have stopped my violin classes. Boo hoo!

13. Do research for the Novel.

Nope did not.

It seems my resolutions have been a miserable failure for the first 4 months. And I feel utterly terrible, but never to bother. There are still 8 more months. And I can be satisfied at the end of the year, if I am consistent. But consistency, thou art unobtainable to men of meagre will!


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