New Year, New Year Resolutions

New Year Resolutions – 2014

New Year Resolutions – 2014

  1. Clear IAS Exams.
  2. Become diligent and go that extra mile. **
  3. Become knowledgeable in India’s foreign policy and World Politics.
  4. Learn 1825 new words in English, 5 words per day for 365 days.
  5. Master English grammar.
  6. Learn German throughly.
  7. Make 30 Day Projects and stick to it. ( 30 Day Project is the most wonderful thing that I decided to implement, even though at the far end of the year.)
  8. Write 50 scholarly articles.
  9. Write at least 4 blog posts per month.
  10. Maintain a personal journal and make sure to write an entry even if it’s the most uneventful day.
  11. Finish at least 50% of the reading list.
  12. Restart singing classes.
  13. Do research for the Novel.

Follow Up Resolutions

  1. Learn to cook / bake higher end dishes and specialities.
  2. Learn to play at least 20 movie songs using violin.

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