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How Car Owners Became Pedestrians

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There was a narrow street in between two rows of houses. It was the only road which connected the houses to the outside world. All kind of people travelled in it – the one with the big cars; the one with the small cars, the ones having two wheelers; the ones who travel by foot. All used that road. The road was maintained periodically by a body having members representing all the houses. The houses paid maintenance fees depending on the type of vehicle used. Since huge car owners caused greater stress on road they had to pay more. Since  the ones who use the foot path caused minimum stress on the road they paid lesser.
After a long time, it started raining during the monsoon. It was horrible scenery. The rains rendered the road useless. One could see huge potholes filled with muddy waters. Even two-wheeler users started finding travel through the road difficult. A pedestrian fell into an open hole and got heavily injured. Most discomfort was for the houses that had big cars. Already the roads were narrow, add to it the potholes, along with heavy traffic, they found the travel tougher. The two wheeler owners started finding these big car owners to be the main problem as they seemed to cause the traffic. All the two wheeler owners formed a separate group and demanded that car owners either buy two-wheelers or start giving their cars for free to others in the street for usage.
A few car owners protested as they did not want to share their cars for free and they left the road side residential area to a new place. The rest of the car owners proposed a compromise deal which allowed the 2 wheeler homes to use cars after paying a very small fee but the car owners had to take care of the road maintenance. The pedestrians remained out of the picture as they felt that walking would be the best for them. The car owners, who had left, started making fun of those who had stayed back for accepting such a rotten deal. But they did not mind. They felt it was their duty since they were using the vehicle causing greater rupture to the road. Two wheeler homes stopped using their vehicles at all. They started using the cars freely whenever they wanted. They started ignoring their own vehicles and started overtly depending on the cars.
This continued for a few years. Fuel prices got raised. But no change was made on the rate the two wheeler owners paid as the rent for using cars. Some car owners felt it was necessary to raise this issue. But a few of the car owners felt that it would be unfair if the poor two wheelers had to suffer the effect of increased fuel price. Already they don’t have any cars, to add to it, if they have to pay more fees, how will they live? Some of the people having two-wheelers too felt, that they ought to pay more. But the majority two wheeler homes muffled them. As a result of this difference in opinions, the car owners and bike owners who wanted a change in the rent, left the area to the place where initially a few car owners had gone. 
As the number of houses who provided funds got less, the roads in the area started getting depleted. It was full of potholes even during summer time when there was no rain. The only path which connected the families to outside world was in bits and pieces. Yet the good car owners, who did not want to trouble the two wheeler owners and pedestrians, kept spending from their pockets seeking only very little money from the rest. But since the road was in such a bad shape it affected the cars too, and finally the cars were in repair. Hence these two wheeler owners could not travel in car. They went to get their bike. Years of not being in use had made the bikes too faulty. They then decided to sell whatever property they had, to buy a bike and rented a new home in a different locality. The pedestrians as usual walked since they were used to walking in such difficult paths. The good car owners neither had enough money to repair the car nor the funds to repair the roads. That is how the car owners became pedestrians.


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