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Twessons – Chapter 1

I must admit that by far, twitter has been a social networking site I am happy about. You may ask why? Though there are many million reasons, the very obvious one would be the absence of “Likes”, “Shares”, the bias Facebook has towards its female users(attributing this, more to the users than the makers) and most importantly game requests, which , I admit, I used to send, once up on a time when my FB profile used to read “I am a Farmville freak”, (Yes I am taking a moment of silence) , to people whom I did not even know .
One may argue that there are equivalent features in twitter too, with just more than a different name for the usage such as favourite tweet, retweet, twitpic etc. Having given a thought to all these in a multitude of angles , I reiterate

Twitter > Facebook.


  1. The favourited tweet does not smack the face of every person who is following the user, unlike the “Like”-d comment/photo/what-not which simply does not cease to get the hell out of the screen.
  2. The retweet, lets face it is just a 140 character tweet, which we can simply ignore in a blink of an eye, as a number of other tweets shut it out from my timeline, quite different from Facebook where I get a notification when even my onnu-vitta chithappaa’s athanka likes an article shared ages ago.
  3. Twitpic = least of my concern since you need to click the link to actually see what the fuss is all about. Else you can safely assume the tweet was never tweeted. If you think that same is the case with Facebook picture posts , how very wrong are you?
  • The Facebook picture is of different types. –

1. The grey-scale / sepia toned picture posted by girls , with strategically positioned curls of hair , for which there is an unending , non-stop train of likes and comments.
2. The “gang-of-cool-guys” picture, on which only the poor souls in the group and also the forever-lonely guys aspiring to be in that group, comment.
3. The couple photo – most irritating of them all, where love flows from every pixel of the picture, that only a 3-times-a-day serving of a mixture of Theratti Paal and Pathirpeni [= south Indian sweets 🙂 ] can explain the discomfort. (ayyo vayatha peratrathu!)
4. The usual, sun rising among the mountain / boat on a river / some natural scenery with a profound quote copied and pasted from “get your own Quotes dot com ” – no energy to elaborate.
5. And last but not the least (<— this particular phrase reminds me of the Master of Ceremony speeches where I thank all the members on stage) , there are the socially relevant guys who post in a sudden burst of patriotism some random facts and figures about some country in a distant place, having no corruption (even though there is mass murder happening there every day). 😐 Yes Thank You for sharing the knowledge. We are thrilled.

“Unnellam yevan da facebook-la kooptan?”  must be the thought the reader must be having. True. No one did. But , men are selfish, and I am no exception. Looking at all the inane, sad postings and shares; they boost my self – confidence, tells me that I am not alone in the world where mediocrity rules. But if I am in any way giving you a mesmerizing picture of twitter where every thing is perfect , you fail to recognize that social networking sites are mainly made up of the saddest creation of god – us.
Being this pessimistic and gloomy about life,  to the point of calling human beings as god’s saddest creation , this sudden change in outlook towards life, I attribute that to twitter where people simply exist by feeding on commenting others. You need not do anything particular. The mere fact that you exist is reason enough for any one to make fun of you. The current crowd I am following reminds me of my  higher secondary school , where “friends” used to ruthlessly silent others by saying “attempt” and keeping their stupid index finger on their stupid nose. (some weird “i-am-the-coolest” ritual) Sigh ! Already tamil theriyaathu, thanks for being ever so co-operative and silencing me forever in the school.
I need not follow them, in fact I can block, twitter is kind enough to provide such wonderful options. But these very pain-in-the-a*s guys are mind-bogglingly brilliant that many of their tweets are witty/humourous/informative and if nothing more, at least entertaining. The charm of original one liners is some thing different, that has to be felt , the timing has to be perfect and these guys manage to do it , a feat worthy of appreciation.
Then again, having been in twitter for a while, approximately 3 years, I have to say that a general sense of mockery and negativity is there among even the most loved tweeple.


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