Nazis, Stormtroopers and Trolls

I recently read an article, rather, a strategic analysis, by a former R&AW officer who was very concerned about the supporters of a certain popular leader, who is widely touted as the Prime Ministerial candidate of the principal opposition party, Narendra Modi. He has tried to give a wakeup call to India through his article about how the “fascist” supporters of Mr. Modi has, through their “Nazi Storm Trooper-like methods” succeeded in almost finalising his nomination. He even accused them of waging a psychological warfare to enforce their will. We cannot completely say he is sternly against the pro-Modi campaign, since he gracefully accepts that though there are perceived misdeed by Mr. Narendra Modi, the activity of campaigning for him is not illegal. Thank you very much. His articles were shared and spread by many concerned people / esteemed journalists who echoed the fact that “paid” “RSS trolls are incapable of the distinction between personal abuse and criticism of a political persona in the public domain.” The esteemed journalist was even kind enough to warn others, since she claims, she is well – versed with the “the formulaic tweets of #RSS #Trolls by now.” and tweeted, “People sh[o]u[l]d note these trolls operate in well orchestrated groups rather [one] on [one].” The groups of journalists joined and in an apparently formidable intellectual grouping they silenced their critics by proving the “fact” that all Narendra Modi supporters are trolls. Or, are we?

Nazi Stormtroopers (in picture) or the Brown Shirts functioned as the original paramilitary wing of the Nazi Party. It played a key role in Adolf Hitler’s rise to power in the 1920s and 1930s. Their main assignments were providing protection for Nazi rallies and assemblies; the disruption of opposing political parties and the fight against their paramilitary units and the intimidation of Jewish citizens.

                             Mr. Raman should know that these are not criticism against him as a person, but against the “psychological war” the media and Congress has been playing ever since Independence, and that he just wrote an article whose tone was not in sync with public mood. The problem is not merely a write-up by Mr. B. Raman, a respected gentleman, nor the childish responses of these journalists who were not able to face criticism even after their long work-experience. It is the kind of biased opinion that they have successfully been able to convey across a wide audience: “RSS conspires online and offline for further propaganda.” I do not see any reason why a nationalistic organisation, any organisation for that matter, should not find out new ways to further their ideologies. We find that everywhere, though not everyone has mastered the trick like the Christian missionaries in India, I must concede. I am in midst of a large number of people who , if I say, that I support Narendra Modi, is definitely going to view me through a saffron coloured lens; I suddenly become communal, fascist and an “Indo-Nazi”(whatever that may mean).
                                   The Right in India has always been sidelined in the circle of “elite intelligentsia”. Reduced in stature as killers of Gandhi and murderers of Indian “Unity in Diversity” the Right has been subjugated, or rather “trolled” into a corner. When this highly coordinated, or rather well “orchestrated” conspiracy of domination, in every field – education, politics, history books, news paper articles, the Op-Eds, and now the television channels, through smartly titled news articles and cunningly worded one-liners, by these “intellectual trolls”, became rather unbelievably biased, it was only natural that the single left over free medium of internet became the source of discussion, debate and information sharing for “the loony right”.

Vinayak Damodar (Veer) Savarkar, one of the most famous revolutionary freedom fighter, and the creator of the term Hindutva. Not a single minister from the Cabinet showed up in the cremation ground to pay homage to Savarkar. In New Delhi, the Speaker of the Parliament turned down a request that it pay homage to Savarkar.

When there is only one source of information, the citizens tend to believe it, thinking whatever they are served is correct. I still remember, as a kid, I once asked why J. Nehru’s birthday is celebrated as Children’s day. I quickly got the response that it is done so because of the love Nehru had for kids, and was supplemented with two or three photos of J. Nehru with a few kids, giving him a rose. Still I was not convinced, why should a man’s birthday be celebrated as Children’s Day nationwide just because he likes kids. Even my parents like kids. Now I know, the love he had was for his own kid.
                                  Similarly there is a deification of Sonia Gandhi and I simply cannot begin to understand. Neither has she spoken an intelligent point of view, nor has she been the source of an incredible idea. She has not made any significant contributions to our well being, and those brain-childs of hers led to huge losses to the exchequer. She lacks every qualification a politician should have – she is not articulate, nor bright, lacks political will and is uninspiring. Hence, the media, in turn made these very basic failures of her, as her assets. And those poor people who tweet about hindutva are the paid trolls! Well played.
                                              I am no one to dictate what the media should do or should not; I am a simple common audience who has stopped watching this hypocrisy being played out everywhere. You, media; your impatience and irritation are understandable that the Right made a comfortable position in twitter before you did and hence your chances of complete dominance over the information source are dead.
                                              And as far as the allegation of paid trolls are concerned I am confused. A few say these are RSS trolls, then another set say they are NaMo Brigade (WTF term of the decade), then they say RSS does not like Narendra Modi, then they gleefully read out the fissures in Sangh Parivar, of the split between the RSS backed Gadkari and Narendra Modi. Get your facts correct, what exactly is it that you want to convey? Fact of the matter is, those loony trolls whom you look down with disgust they need not be paid. They do not act with any selfish motive to get paid; prosperity of India is their only wish, with Modi or without Modi. But as it turns out there is not a single person who can even come near the visionary that Narendra Modi is.
                                           I will give you a short example. I needn’t list out the figures he achieved in Gujarat, because let’s face it, these do not excite any one any longer, because a successful Gujarat is yawn story, it is a normal story, there is nothing new about it since Modi became the helmsman there. I refer to the speech he made during the Mumbai Conclave of BJP. The issues that he raised have been impressive. He spoke, unlike other utterly lack-lustre politicians, not about religion, but about development, he spoke about skill development of the youth, not about hindus and muslims, he spoke about China and world economic crisis not about the threat migrants from other states posed, he spoke about national security, not about minority appeasement. I don’t know if these impress the intellectual super-humans, but an average citizen like me is impressed when, for a change, a responsible person talks about responsible things. If asking others to emulate him make us a loony right wing paid RSS troll, let it be. To impress the scholarly media and has never been the aim.

TINA – There Is No Alternative

P.S. – In the blog, Mr. Raman says that Modi should not be endorsed in order to avoid the “future misdeeds that are likely to be committed by these elements if their methods succeed.” I never knew that Tom Cruise’s Minority Report impressed people this much.


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