Being Tired

Tiredness is a mental creation, a bad habits your mind has created to act as a crutch when you are performing a tedious task.


Consistently direct your mind to live in the present, you will have boundless energy, no matter what time the clock reflects.


Secret of the Lake

Basis – Everything is always created twice – First in Mind, Then in Reality.

To make mind pure and wholesome, to transform desires into reality apply Secret of the Lake.


  1. Rise at 4 am.
  2. Look into still water.
  3. Envision your dreams becoming – if you want to wake up early, picture yourself waking up at dawn, performing exercise, spending days in silence to enhance will power; if you want joy, look into the lake and envision yourself laughing, smiling; if it is courage you seek- envision yourself acing with strength in the moment of crisis.
  4. Within months, you will become what you imagine yourself to be.


Practically how to do it – Shut your door, hold your calls, close your eyes, take deep breaths, envision/visualise, mentally rehearse your perfect life.




Hold wonderful pictures in your mind’s eye – even one negative image is poisonous to your mindset.


There is nothing noble in being superior to other, true nobility is in being superior to your former self.




Opposite Thinking

Opposite Thinking

The Mind Can Hold Only One Thought At ANy One Time

Any-one can easily create a positive, creative mindset within a short-period.


1. Undesriable though occupies the mind.
2. Immediately replce it with uplifitng one.
3. Mind is like a slide projector – every thought is a slide, whenever negative slide comes up, take action to replace with positive slide.
4. Use Beads of Necklace. Whenever negative thoughts occue, remove a bead from the necklace and keep in a jar.

1. Becoome aware that you are thinking uninspiring thoughts.
2. Appreciate once and for all that just as easily as you allowed hese gloomy thoughts to enter, you can replace them with cheerful ones.
3. Think of opposite of gloom.
4, Concentrate on being cheerful.
5. Feel you are happy.
6. Sit up straight, breathe deeply, train the power of your mind on positive thoguths.
7. Apply it to every negative thoughts that habitually visit your mind.

Quality of your thoughts determine quality of your lifes.

Weak inds = weak actions.

Strong disciplined mind = daily practice = miraccles.



One should only think sattvic or pure thoughts.

Method –
1. Natural diet,
2. repetition of positive affirmation / mantras,
3. reading wise books,
4. constantly ensuring englihtened companies.




A worrisome thought is alike an embryo -> it starts small -> gros and grows -> takes a life of its own.


Heart of the Rose + Opposite Thinking = Life You Want.

Robin Sharma, Uncategorized

Heart of the Rose

Technique 1

Heart of The Rose – Practice for 21 Days


1 – Fresh Rose
2 – Silent Place
3 – Preferable Natural Surroundings / Quiet Room


1. Stare at the Centre of the ROse
2. Keep staring at the rose – Colour, Texture, Design.
3. Savour its fragrance
4. Think only about the rose
5. Other trains entering the mind is the mark of an untrained mind, improvement will come quickly.
6. Return attention to the rose, mind will grow strong and disciplined.

Ritual must be performed daily for it to be effective.

Persist longer and longer periods.
After a week of two you should perform it for 20 minutes without wandering on other subjects.
Thus you will start controlling your mind.


Habits to Follow

As per Coach Tony


  1. Wake up early (+3)
  2. Study (+17)
  3. Exercise (-1)
  4. Meditate (-3)
  5. Meditate For At Least 10 Minutes (+6)
  6. Write In Journal (-)
  7. Read a book for 30 minutes (+5)
  8. Drink more water (+1)
  9. Read (-4)
  10. Go to gym (+3)
  11. No Screens After 10pm (+49)
  12. No Alcohol (-9)
  13. Be Grateful (-5)
  14. Write Three Positive Things About Today (-)
  15. Take a walk outside (+4)
  16. Set priorities for your day (-6)
  17. Slow-Carb Diet (+23)
  18. Save Money (+18)
  19. Run (+11)
  20. No Sweets (+3)
  21. Practice Musical Instrument (+31)
  22. Clean for 15 Minutes (+14)
  23. No Smoking (+4)
  24. No Fast Food (+23)
  25. Yoga (+8)
  26. Walk (+5)
  27. Inbox Zero (+13)
  28. No Biting Nails (+25)
  29. Floss (-20)
  30. Pray (-13)
  31. Stretch (-7)
  32. Watch a TED talk (+44)
  33. Affirmations (+4)
  34. Brush Teeth in the Morning (-16)
  35. Learn Something New (+26)
  36. Take Vitamins (-20)
  37. Wake up by 6:30 (+18)
  38. Get Out Of Bed The First Time The Alarm Goes Off (+34)
  39. Good Posture (+25)
  40. Pushups (-8)
  41. Keep in touch with friends (+2)
  42. Weigh In (-13)
  43. Write To Do List (+5)
  44. Draw (+46)
  45. Eat Breakfast (-18)
  46. Sleep by Midnight (-8)
  47. Listen more than talk (+34)
  48. Call mom/dad (+17)
  49. Random act of kindness (+40)
  50. No Soda (-17)
  51. Brush Teeth at Night (-25)
  52. Walk 10,000 Steps (-2)
  53. Use Pomodoro Technique (new)
  54. Take Medication (-10)
  55. Eat Fruit (-16)
  56. Unclutter (+19)
  57. Intermittent fasting (+11)
  58. Stop and enjoy life (+5)
  59. Talk to at least one stranger (+36)
  60. Practice Spanish (new)
  61. Write For 30 Minutes (+39)
  62. Quality time with my children (-5)
  63. Cold shower (-35)
  64. No Coffee (+2)
  65. Bring Lunch To Work (+29)
  66. Code Academy (new)
  67. Track Food (-9)
  68. Get To Work On Time (new)
  69. Write Code (new)
  70. Abs (new)
  71. Lift Weights (+11)
  72. No Facebook (+30)
  73. Swim (new)
  74. Make Bed (-52)
  75. No Sugar (-5)
  76. Practice extroversion (new)
  77. Develop a Practice of Focus (new)
  78. Cook Dinner (+7)
  79. Workout (-19)
  80. No email before breakfast (-7)
  81. No watching TV (new)
  82. Bike (new)
  83. GTD® — Weekly Review (new)
  84. Drink 3 litres of water (new)
  85. Tell my wife I love her (-14)
  86. Write A Blog Post (new)
  87. Planks (new)
  88. Set Priorities for Your Day Using the Ivy Lee Method (new)
  89. Watch a movie (new)
  90. Eat Vegetarian (-12)
  91. Tell my husband I love him (new)
  92. Eat Vegan (new)
  93. Practice German (new)
  94. 1–3–5 Priority Setting (new)
  95. GTD® Daily Review (new)
  96. Sleep at least 8 hours (-23)
  97. Yoga or Stretching (-52)
  98. Crunches (+3)
  99. Dance (new)
  100. Prepare for Upcoming Conversations
  101. Write (-24)
  102. Eat healthy (new)
  103. 30–60 minutes reading (-29)
  104. Learn English (new)
  105. Eat Paleo (new)
  106. Read a Book (new)
  107. No Caffeine (new)
  108. Paint (new)
  109. Keto (new)
  110. Drink water first thing in the morning
  111. Duolingo (-32)
  112. Shower (new)
  113. morning routine (new)
  114. Wash face before bed (new)
  115. Splurge (new)
  116. Listen to podcast (new)

Tinderize Your Kindle

I happened upon this article on Farnam Street “How to Remember What You Read” while wasting my time on twitter. As I started reading it, I realised that it will be better if I read this in my Kindle since it is a bit of a long-read and I did not want to subject myself to the screen glare for such a long time.

As usual, whenever in doubt – Google. And I did.

There is this website called Tinderize. You can use it to send articles from web to your Kindle device. How? Let me show you.

  1. Bookmark this link on your Bookmark Bar. -“Send to My Kindle
  2. Go to your Amazon page and log in.
  3. Select the option “Manage Your Content and Devices” under Accounts and Lists Menu in top right corner of your amazon page.1
  4. Select Settings tab
  5. Scroll Down
  6. Under “Approved Personal Document E-mail List” option, select “Add a new approved e-mail address”
  7. add the email ID – kindle@darkhelmetlive.com
  8. Under “Send-to-Kindle E-Mail Settings” find your Kindle Email ID XXXXXXXXXXXXX@kindle.com – copy it and keep it ready.
  9. Go to https://tinderizer.com/ and keep clicking Next till you reach the following page 2
  10. Add your kindle email id to the list
  • Whenever you read any article, just click the “Send to Kindle” bookmark button
  • After a couple of minutes, the article will appear under the Downloaded Section of your kindle, provided your WiFi is on.